Barnet pub could be closed after police and noise objections

By Adrian Colley in Community News

A pub-restaurant faces losing its licence after police and neighbours objected to rowdiness and disturbances.

Police claim they’ve received information staff sold drugs at the venue and council officials have had enough of trying to limit late-night noise.

Guns and Smoke in Church Passage, Barnet, now faces closure if councillors agree to revoke its licence at a meeting on Thursday.

A council report details a string of complaints prompted by the running of the venue, run by Holistic Enterprises.

Police have asked for a review of the pub-grill’s licence to prevent crime and disorder, in the interests of public safety, to prevent public nuisance and to protect children from harm.

They listed a string of concerns including:

Intelligence received in February that staff were openly selling drugs to customers

Verbal aggression from staff on a visit when officers pointed out ’areas of concern’ on a visit last November

A fight between travellers on December 9 last year, outside the venue, which required six police units, one dog unit and other officers to attend.

And environmental health officials are demanding the venue’s licence be revoked after Rizwan Ali and Rahil Majeed, from Holistic, had failed to comply with the licence conditions.

One neighbour told the council: “Music from Guns and Smoke bar is very loud in our flat causing stress and disruption to our family, including our young daughter who often can’t sleep because of the noise.

“Repeated attempts to limit the noise by the council have been ignored by Guns and Smoke who continue to play loud live and recorded music often after midnight and into the early hours.”

Since December 2014 officials have witnessed ten statutory noise nuisances, served three noise abatement notices on the pub and received a further 12 complaints about loud music.

Asking for the licence to be revoked after a series of meetings with the venue’s staff environmental health officer Roxanne Pateman said: “There is a clear lack of cooperation and ownership from this premises. The noise team has spent a vast amount of time and resources trying to resolve the noise issue but the premises continue to cause a statutory noise nuisance and not meet the noise conditions on their licence.

“It is unfair to allow this to continue to cause a significant disturbance to local residents.”

Barnet’s licensing sub-committee meets on Thursday to make a decision.

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Ray · 1 day ago · Report

Barnet licensing sub-committee revoked their licence, so goodbye GnS and good riddance!

Palo · 10 days ago · Report

More information on guns and smoke; they have a common way of hiring new people and not paying them for at least two months or more. A friend of mine worked there for a month, missed 1 shift and they refused to pay her. Another, Chris worked there & messed his pay up in the first two weeks and refused to pay him as well. The standards of the kitchen as well is terrible, the chief uses his hands not even washed to serve food and play with food on the plates!

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