Boris does selfies and evasive answers in Enfield

By Clare Casey in Local People

FLANKED by security and poster-wielding supporters on the Tory campaign trail Boris Johnson handed out leaflets and had countless selfies with shoppers in Enfield Town yesterday.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs visited the borough to rally support for Nick de Bois who is battling to win back the Enfield North seat from Labour rival Joan Ryan.

It’s a marginal seat that the Tories hope they can win to secure No 10 for Theresa May when voters have their say on Thursday.

Joined by an entourage of party members, the blonde-mopped Tory visited Upstairs, Downstairs hairstyling in Southbury Road - much to the horror of a lady having her ’colours done’ – then Azure restaurant and G Mantella Jewellers.

Owner of the Enfield Town jewellers, Erdal Mehmet, said he had a soft spot for Boris and tried to sell him an anti-ageing device that he was involved in promoting at the Excel later this week.

“He’s a good man, he came here after the riots in 2011 when the front of the shop was smashed in and all the watches stolen.

“It was money from the London mayor’s fund that got us back on our feet.”

Talking to Mr Mehmet, the former Mayor of London joked that he could be in the market for the anti-ageing product: “I could be interested but I’m looking good already and I’m very strong, look at me!”

But it wasn’t all smiles and selfies from the crowds.

Nessa Parkinson tackled him about the “£350m for the NHS” plastered across the side of a battle bus, and asked him where that money was coming from.

He answered evasively that was “for the Government to decide”.

When she retorted: “Yes a Government you’re part of!”

The Advertiser pressed the Foreign Secretary on the Conservatives’ National Funding Formula for schools, and quizzed him on whether he supported Cycle Enfield – a scheme his Tory friend, David Burrowes is vehemently opposed to.

In response Mr Johnson said: “We’re going to make sure we’re going to fund school spaces across the country, it’s vital to have a strong economy to do that.

“Yes of course the cycle lanes are good, but my colleague Mr de Bois probably knows more than me about the detail.”

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